OLIK is all about standing out and being you. We represent those people who take risks in life and thrive to be themselves.
OLIK means different, it symbolises being unique by creating your own individual style.

The message behind the brand is to burst the bubble, many people work a repetitive life, and we want to encourage people to break away from this and live life to its fullest. At OLIK we believe you should take risks, be different and do what you want to do. We have been lucky enough to be given one life to do whatever we wish - so treat each day as an adventure and be your own role model.

Our new mens swim short range represents individual styles and as we build and create OLIK, our swim shorts will differentiate from worldwide patterns and crazy prints, to plain block colours and simple designs; suiting a range of personas.

The Quality and Fit are a big part of our swim shorts. The material used to make our shorts is of the highest quality, with quick dry fabric meaning no waiting around for the shorts to dry. We have tried and tested our shorts on various body types assuring that they will be the perfect fit.

We look forward to you being apart of our journey!